Malaysia-Food Talk/Kuala Lumpur/Penang-Ramadan/Georgetown Unesco Holiday

I have been a frequent visitor to Malaysia now for several years and it’s been one of the biggest surprises for me. I never thought or knew how much I would enjoy Malaysia whether it be West, or East,(Borneo-Sabah/Sarawak). A wonderful diverse culture, some of the best food on the planet and wonderful wildlife and parks. In this episode I discuss food adventures with an upcoming trip to KL and Penang, Malaysia’s food capital. Durian is often referred to as the king of fruit and it’s certainly one of my favorites and again a surprise! I never thought I would grow to love it as much as I have. Maybe those places you’ve traveled to where you had no preconceived ideas or expectations turn out to be some of your most memorable and cherished memories. I look forward to coming to you from Malaysia in the next few episodes of the podcast. I hope you enjoy these chats which hopefully are somewhat enlightening and inspirational. If you do enjoy the podcast I would really appreciate a short but positive review in the iTunes Store. Those reviews really do help others discover the podcast. Make sure you’re signed into your account then follow this link:
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