Penang, Malaysia-George Town-Walking Around The Unesco Designated Old Town

Join me for travel chat and discussion walking through the historic and Unesco World Heritage designated Georgetown, in Penang, Malaysia. I’ve spent lots of time in Kuala Lumpur and East Malaysia, (Borneo), but for some reason I’ve put off visiting Penang, now wondering what was I thinking. This is a wonderful town to explore and enjoy architecture and more pre-WWII houses than anywhere else in Southeast Asia. Along with a diverse community mostly made up of ethnic Chinese, Malay, and Tamil Indians. Of course the food reflects that which makes it one of the most popular food destinations in the region as well. Penang receives many visitors from China and Taiwan as the majority of the population speaks Mandarin or Hokkien they aren’t hindered at all by a language barrier. Geogetown, being a former British colony has also it’s share of an expat community but these days with places like Thailand and Vietnam becoming more popular I’m not sure if it’s still the draw as it once was for Westerners. You’ll be very comfortable though if you visit here, with a population that speaks English and a comfortable atmosphere and for the most part courteous drivers that respect pedestrians. The food I’ve sampled so far has been outstanding and surprisingly given that Penang has one of the highest per capita income levels in Malaysia still very reasonable with street food dishes averaging $1.20-$1.50! Paradise! Thanks so much for listening and watch out for more episodes from George Town, Malaysia!
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