Food Series-Exploring A Taiwanese Traditional Morning Market in Taipei

One of the great joys of living and traveling throughout Asia is exploring the countless traditional morning or wet markets. I love to buy my fruit wherever I am whether it’s Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, or Taiwan from the local markets.  Taiwan has very high quality fruit with a huge variety of many of the tropical varieties available in Southeast Asia. This particular market I visit regularly is located near Taipei’s large fruit/vegetable wholesale market and wholesale fish/seafood market. In these markets in Taipei it does help if you can speak or understand a little Mandarin, but it’s not necessary. Most shopkeepers will go out of their way to help and really all you have to do is point and they will bring out their calculator and punch in the price. It’s usually never an issue in Southeast Asia although you need to wear your bargaining hat whereas in Taiwan there’s not the same kind of markup, especially for foreigners.

About the Author John Saboe

I am a broadcaster, photographer, writer and videographer with a passion for travel throughout Asia. I love making connections and engaging with people. I am spiritual and seek adventure wherever I go.

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