Street Food, Nightmarkets -2-Ningxia Nightmarket-Taiwanese Classic Street Food

In this episode I visit Taipei, Taiwan’s famous Ningxia Nightmarket. This is a local favorite with some speciality food and a market that is mostly focused on food. Each day this nightmarket is set up around 4pm and then dismantled at 2am close to the historic Dihua Street and former commerce capital of the city. It’s here where you can sample everything from green onion pancakes, sweet potato balls, braised duck tongue, and deep-fried whole squid. This is definitely one of my favorite markets as it is also located near alot of famous and popular restaurants that serve up Taiwanese classic dishes from oyster omellettes to fish porridge, and shaved ice desserts. Please let me know what you think of this style of podcast. Do you like podcasts where I visit nightmarkets and discuss food. My goal is also to soon open up these broadcasts to live calls via phone and skype.Thanks so much fo listening and subscribing to the podcast.

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