Street Food, Nightmarkets-3-Guangzhou Street/Snake Alley Nightmarkets-Taiwan

I’m continuing my series on nightmarkets in Taiwan and street food of Asia chat with an exploraition of the Guangzhou Street Nighmarket and Snake Alley in Taipei’s Wanhua District. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Taipei with the famous Longshan Temple as the anchor of the surrounding streets and area. Absolutely one of my favorite places to absorb local culture with Qing Dynasty buildings/temples, colorful characters and an edgy past. Snake Alley was once the place where it seemed all tourists or visitors who entered Taiwan were paraded through to see the “snake show”. Snakes gutted, blood drained, and pumping hearts, drunk with local liquor. The animal groups did away with most of the snake shows and today you’ll mostly find seafood restaurants and foot massage parlors. There are a still a couple of snake restuarants but the shows are much more low key then the old days of Wanhua. I’ve only come to appreciate this market in the last year where I’ve noticed finally the decent quality and good value snacks that are offered at some of the food carts. Come with me on an exploration of one of the most colorful nightmarkets of Taipei!

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