My Beloved Nepal-Earthquake Stories-Part 3-Fear And Homelessness

Soon after I arrived in Kathmandu on May 12, 2015, the day the 7.3 earthquake struck the country fear, like a virus, once again spread throughout cities, towns and villages everywhere.

People had just started to resume regular life, minimally their usual routines amid the crumbling buildings, destruction and homelessness that many faced. Tented camps and communities were seen around the Kathmandu Valley with many local volunteers helping their fellow Nepalis in time of need.

When the second biggest earthquake struck it sent many people back outside to sleep outdoors, fearing more collapsed buildings, injury or death.

I continued to wander the streets of Kathmandu and other towns in the Kathmandu Valley speaking with local people and seeing how their lives were affected by the earthquakes.

It was truly inspiring to see Nepalis, themselves affected in some way by the earthquakes helping their fellow citizens. At the same time the stories of fear, loss, death and destruction was overwhelming. I was humbled at the incredible strength and resilience these people demonstrated in circumstances that would be far too difficult for most.

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