My Beloved Nepal-Earthquake Stories Part 4-Sankhu Devastation

Sankhu, is a historic town that sits on the old Tibetan salt trade route in the Kathmandu Valley, 17kmh away from the capital of Kathmandu.

I made a few trips to the village in May 2015 that had suffered severe damage and loss from the series of earthquakes and aftershocks that began on April 25.

This was a well-preserved traditional Newari town with many entrance gates to the village, and at least 100 different temples and shrines in the area.

I listened to many stories from villagers who had lost their loved ones-brothers, sisters, parents, and neighbours. Almost twelve hundred homes damaged, 200 completely destroyed and at least 2000 forced to live in nearby tents or move to another village or town. It was one of the most heart-wrenching experiences during my visit in May.

I also met some brave women and men from the Canadian Armed Forces on disaster relief and local people with more money than others willing to share their temporary shelter with other families of Sankhu. Truly the best of humanity.

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