Earthquake Diaries From Nepal-Part II-Shocking Destruction

As I assemble this series from my days in Nepal during the earthquakes of 2015 the memories of fear, shock, and helplessness are painfully resurrected. People from all walks of life, sleeping outdoors for fear of another earthquake that could collapse their house, if they still had one. The site of shocking destruction, streets where buildings were folded like an accordian. Apartment blocks levelled to the ground with the remains of personal and household items scattered amongst the debris. And the helplessness of watching people struggle to find food and shelter and listening to the stories of relatives that fell to death.

There was much talk of more earthquakes and rumors that another one was inevitable, perhaps larger than any of the previous tremors that shook the country. Even if you wore a mask the dust that floated around the Kathmandu Valley from the thousands of buildings that collapsed seemed to find a way deep into your lungs.

There was also a light and warmth that you felt from the hundreds of volunteers from around the world that were there to serve their fellow humankind. A nurse from The Netherlands working in one of the local hospitals, a young Taiwanese backpacker that decided to postpone the rest of her trip to help out. A Japanese medical team whom when I asked how long they would stay, they simply responded, “as long as necessary”. And Nepalis themselves organizing shelters, and meals for the homeless.

The country’s tourism industry is beginning to rebound which is one of the best ways to lend support to the rebuilding of Nepal. For every tourist that visits the country at least seven people are affected in a positive way directly.

Planning a trekking or cultural trip, and even a safari is not only an enriching personal experience, it’s a step towards helping one of the most deserving people anywhere on the planet. You’re welcome to check out trip ideas with our travel company in Nepal, just follow the link below.

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