Earthquake Diaries From Nepal-Part III-Visiting The Heritage Sites

My Earthquake Diaries Nepal documentary series continues with part 2 and a “cry for tourism”. This episode follows my first few days of walking through the streets and alleyways of Kathmandu, visiting many sites that had suffered damage, destruction and terrible loss. I met tour guides and taxi drivers that saw a future of little or no work.
And one afternoon I came across a group in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square conducting a desperate rally for unity within the tourism industry.

I also traveled around the Kathmandu Valley visiting some of the most popular landmarks and Unesco World Heritage sites including Boudhanath, the Tibetan Village, the great Pashupatinath Hindu Temple complex, and the medieval village of Bhaktapur to see first-hand the damage to these sites that in the past have attracted travellers from around the world.

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