Earthquake Diaries From Nepal-Part IV-Death, Destruction, Rebuilding

Part IV of Earthquake Diaries From Nepal begins in historic Sankhu Village, approximately 45 minutes by car from Thamel-Kathmandu it is located in the northwest corner of the Kathmandu Valley. It is where many religious festivals take place and was a stop on the original salt trade route from Tibet.

I visited Sankhu a few times during my stay in May 2015. Outside of the Sindhupalchowk region this was one of the most devastated villages I witnessed in the Kathmandu Valley. Many locals were willing to share their experience and loss and it was not only heartbreaking but extremely overwhelming to hear the stories of losing brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, along with friends and relatives as a result of the earthquakes.

There was also a miracle rescue when the sister of a man who had lost two other sisters, his father, and two domestic workers of the family, was pulled from the rubble of their house 5 hours after the initial earthquake.

The site of people living in terrible conditions along the Bisnumati River was shocking. There were tented camps in Kathmandu with much better conditions but locals did not want to be far from their homes fearing looting or theft.

There were aftershocks almost everyday sending more fear of yet another big earthquake on the way. Please send me any feedback on this documentary series to

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