Food Tour-Kuala Lumpur Malaysia’s Jalan Alor Part II

[podcast src=”” height=”450″ width=”450″]In part II of my walk through Jalan Alor Food Street in Kuala Lumpur I stop to talk with a Durian seller, check out some of the street musicians performing in the surrounding area and chat more about the culture and food of Malaysia.

Jalan Alor is quite easy to get to from most places where visitors stay in KL. You can walk from Chinatown, about 15 minutes or if you’re around KL Central Station you can take the monorail to Bukit Bintang station and walk 5 minutes.

Don’t bother showing up before 6pm as they still might be setting up tables and chairs for the evening. This is not really considered a night market as there are mostly sit down restaurants, but there are a few food stalls around.

There are also fruit sellers selling whatever is in season. Lychee, longan, rambutan, mangosteen, or if you’re daring or lucky, you’ll be there for durian season and can finish off your meal in a most traditional Malaysian way with the king of fruit!

For my most recent meal at Jalan Alor I dined at Wong Ah Wah. I ordered grilled stingray,(small portion), squid fried in batter mixed with squid eggs, some gai lan wok-fried with garlic, and rice. Total cost was 79 ringit=$18.40USD.

The stingray was perfectly grilled, moist on the inside, and came with a spicy dipping sauce. This was my first time trying squid eggs fried with squid and it was almost overwhelming rich, but wonderful. The gai lan was fresh and delicious and I washed it all down with a large Tuborg beer, Tiger wasn’t available.

Ordering beer is not a problem anywhere along the Jalan Alor but if you’ve been traveling for awhile around Southeast Asia you will notice prices are higher compared to most anywhere else. For a 633ml of Tuborg I paid approximately 17 ringit=$3.97 USD. Vietnam is one of the cheapest spots for beer, with 450ml bottles going at some street stall restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City for $.70USD.

There are lots of great restaurants in Kuala Lumpur but my favorite place overall for experience, food, and value is Jalan Alor!

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