McDonald’s Taiwan Taste Test-“The Pineapple Shrimp Burger”

[podcast src=”” height=”450″ width=”450″]I rarely if ever eat at McDonald’s but there is a curiosity that people, particularly from the west, have about what their regular fast food chains are like in Asia compared to their native country’s. It’s also a fall back when on the road dying for the tastes from home. It’s also a safe bet especially for some people who are a little shy to leave their comfort zone too long while on vacation and for parents traveling with children.

So I thought I would check out McDonald’s Taipei as their special tropical burger currently on the menu is made from shrimp, something I still do eat. It’s pretty much what I expected, on the bland side, not horrible tasting but not very satisfying. Basically just a quick way to fill your stomach. I’m not a food snob but I do enjoy and appreciate good food, something there’s no lack of in Taiwan.

Taiwan just may be the most convenient place to eat out in the world. I’ve heard estimates of over 300,000 food stalls on the island. Plus numerous restaurants that serve several styles of Chinese cooking, the most Japanese restaurants per capita outside of Japan, along with Korean, Vietnamese, and many Western cuisines.

McDonald’s faces huge competition and it’s stores are not as successful in East Asia, particularly Taiwan and China then in other regions. It’s really not a surprise considering that Taiwan has a reputation in the east for being a food mecca. In recent years CNN viewers voted Taiwan the number one food destination in the world!

Hopefully this episode will encourage those that fall back on the familiar to get out of their comfort zone more while traveling. Walk up to a food stall, order something new and different, and take away an unforgettable food memory and experience.

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