Hanoi, Vietnam-Old Quarter To Hoan Kiem Lake-Atmospheric Walk/Description

Absolutely love Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam! On my most recent visit I spent nearly 17 days hanging out, chatting with locals, and getting to know the city and it’s people. As I said in the video, it’s very easy to just hang out in it’s Old Quarter, with it’s atmospheric themed shopping streets, great cheap delicious street food, and the ultra cheap and refreshing bia hoi, fresh beer, that costs $9000VND, about $.040US. Life unfolds all around you in the Old Quarter. Locals are quite comfortable leaving their doors open, and acting out their daily life in the public, from taking naps to getting into family arguments. I’m addicted to the traditional wet markets in Asia, the bustle and the amazing selection of fresh produce, fruit, seafood, bake goods and of course street food! I also spent lots of time around Hanoi’s Dong Xuan Wholesale Market, where you can find little alleys and lanes full of the fresh bounty of Northern Vietnam along with amazing little food stalls that sell of the best street food in Asia. More of this to come in future podcasts!Thanks so much for listening and don’t forget to follow me for daily images and live/recorded video from Asia

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