Hanoi, Vietnam-Avoiding Tourist Scams/Overcharging Chat Through Morning Markets

Hanoi is one of my favorite cities in Southeast Asia. I usually stay in the old quarter, one ofy the most atmospheric parts of the city where there’s amazing street food, unique shopping streets, and plenty of cafes to watch daily life in the capital. But it’s also loaded with scam artists looking for easy targets. In this episode of the podcast I chat about some of the more popular scams. Overcharging is rampant as well especially in the old quarter and even more specifically close to Hoan Kiem Lake. I like sharing these stories as I hope it will help visitors avoid some of these situations and unpleasant outcomes that can lead to not wanting to ever visit the city or country again. I’ve read many travel forums where people were scammed by either a  shoe cleaner or taxi driver and haved vowed never to return again. It’s unfortunate but most of this stems from people who are merely misguided and lack an education. Struggling to put food on the table everyday they revert to these methods in order to support themselves. I think particularily in Hanoi you’ll find more scams than in other Vietnamese cities including Ho Chi Minh City. I hope revealing some of these scams will help you avoid them on your next visit to Hanoi. It really is a wonderful city and can be enjoyed to the fullest by avoiding these uncomfortable situations.

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