Lighting The Christmas Spirit of Taipei, Taiwan

A Christmas sumo wrestler is part of the unique way of celebrating Christmas in Taipei's Xinyi Shopping District

A Christmas sumo wrestler is part of the unique way of celebrating Christmas in Taipei’s Xinyi Shopping District

Taiwan’s most important holiday celebration is Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year, as many know it. But for Taipei and the rest of the country they put on a pretty good show for Christmas, considering everyone works on the 25th.

Less than 5% of the population of Taiwan is Christian but many do recognize the Christmas season with a party, family dinner, or the occasional gift.
Retail certainly acknowledges the occasion, with decorations, holiday music, and any other device that helps to put one in the spirit of gift giving.

Gifts might be a tradition for some but a Christmas tree in the Taiwan home is not regularly seen like in most households in Western countries. Instead people enjoy going out with family and friends to see the many Christmas trees in shopping malls or outside hotels that are usually sponsored by a luxury brand, movie, or the hotel. Celebrating the spirit of the season with a picture in front of the tree is a common tradition.

In this podcast I visited a couple of the shopping areas of Taipei, New Taipei City, and Fu Jen Catholic University for a look at Taiwan’s celebration of the Christmas season.

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