Matsu’s Explosive Birthday Bash Video – Taipei

Matsu, Goddess Of The Sea

Matsu, the goddess of the sea is worshipped all over Taiwan. It’s her birthday and I’m in east Taipei getting ready for the big parade and celebration.

The Ciyou Temple, built in the mid 18th century by a monk and a group of Mazu believers. It’s here where the biggest Matsu celebration will take place in Taipei. Free lucky buns anyone?

Being the goddess of the sea, Matsu protects fisherman and sailors, and devotees often come to the temple to pray to her if they are about to travel by sea. Matsu is also worshipped in China and all over South East Asia. There are even two temples in Australia.

Yes, of course there’s pole dancers in the parade, it’s Taiwan!

The dragons, musicians, the lion dancers, all here to entertain and pay respect to Matsu.

One of the most exciting parts of the parade. The return of Matsu, and a mass explosion of firecrackers. The men carrying Matsu will shake the palanquin back and forth for good chi, or energy.

What an amazing spiritual celebration, Matsu’s birthday parade. For this is John Saboe, from Taipei, Taiwan. Here’s a link with more background on Matsu, Goddess of the sea.

A dragon dance performed at Matsu's Birthday Parade - Taipei, Taiwan

A dragon dance performed at Matsu’s Birthday Parade – Taipei, Taiwan

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