Morning Prayers At The Monkey Temple Kathmandu Nepal

I left my hotel in the Thamel section of Kathmandu to see the city once again from high atop Swayambunath otherwise known as The Monkey Temple. This time I would be there for sunrise. I find returning to sights at different times of the day gives you a fresh perspective and makes them even more meaningful and significant.

Only Boudanath, in the Tibetan village part of Kathmandu is grander that Swayambunath. This site is also unique in that Hindus as well as Buddhists worship and pray here, and yes don’t forget the monkeys, hundreds of them!

I love the energy of morning worship. People paying their respect before there workday, family duties, and other daily activities. I also need to pay attention when walking up these steep stairs. 365 of them from this side of the temple.

I do find being apart of local routines gives you a sense of belonging and sharing and people are almost always happy you are joining them and taking an interest in their way of life. This is the good stuff, travel gold for me! Swayambunath in Nepal at sunrise.

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