The Taj Mahal’s Little Sister – Agra Fort

This of course is the most visited site in Agra. Seeing the Taj Mahal should be your main objective on any visit to this part of India. But when you’re here don’t miss Agra Fort.

There are beautiful courtyards that offer a peaceful retreat from the frenetic pace of Agra. This is the Diwan-i-Am, or great hall of public attendance. Shah Jahan, Akbar’s grandson and the builder of the Taj Mahal would have received many people from his kingdom here. Imagine it with carpets, brocade, flowers and incense.

Agra Fort’s original red sandstone complex was built by the great Mughal ruler Akbar. Shah Jahan added his own touches during his rule.

If I only had a day in Agra I would make an early morning visit to the Taj Mahal, less crowds and great light. Take a midday break then visit Agra Fort in the late afternoon.

The Mussamman Burj was my favourite spot here. These rulers really knew how to live. You can see Shah Jahan’s love for inlaid marble here. The fountain would have been filled with perfumed water and flowers. Women from his harem everywhere.

Through these archways was probably where he saw the Taj Mahal, his greatest legacy and tribute to his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal for the last time before he died.

Don’t miss Agra Fort, in Agra, India.

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