Mt. Kailash Tibet Spiritual Center Of The Universe

The second and final day of our trek or kora around Mt. Kailash in Tibet would start early in the morning. We would make our way up the Drolma la pass to reach the highest point of the kora at over 5600 metres.

One of the most interesting points along the way was this formal sky burial site where people still bring clothing from their loved ones who have passed away to rest with other spirits. This hermit comes down from the mountains just to pray for the dead.

A little out of breath but still able to meet Tibetan pilgrims, hindu worshippers from Nepal and India and many other people from around the world all excited to be here and making this kora or circumambulation around Mt. Kailash. It is said that one kora around Mt. Kailash will wipe out the sins of a lifetime. I know some people who could use a few go arounds here.

Seriously though, the whistles and calls of the yak men, the shouting of prayers, burning incense, and the pure joy that surrounded us was such a high, so moving, I don’t know if I’ll ever experience anything quite like it again.

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