Mumbai, India-Visiting Bollywood Star Mansions And Getting The Most From The “Maximum City”

Mumbai is a fantastic city to visit with plenty of sites, heritage buildings, amazing street and restaurants. There are some things you need to be prepared for before you arrive.
As I stated in part I you need to pace yourself to the incredibly stifling climate with breaks in air conditioned cafes, restaurants or shops. Staying hydrated is extremely important as any sign of fatigue will cause you problems with the next challenge, dealing with beggars.
This unfortunately is the reality of major Indian cities and the beggars of Mumbai are relentless. Watching how locals react when they are approached is a great way to learn. You’ll notice that they do not respond at all to them and in fact are almost oblivious to their presence. This is probably the best way to handle beggars. If they see no reaction and cannot disturb you in any way they usually give up.
The beggars job is not just to make you sympathetic, they are trying to agitate you in any way they can. If you get angry, frustrated, or emotional at all, they will continue to bother you until you give in. If you act like they aren’t there they’ll give up.

You should always be cautious of where you are taking photographs around Mumbai. With a history of terrorist attacks police and authorities are sensitive to photography around certain sites. Photography is not permitted at the high and low courts, inside the C.S.T. train station, and the Bombay Stock Exchange. There was a heritage tour inside C.S.T. that apparently allowed photography but I’m not sure if it still exists. It’s always best to ask either security or if there are police at a particular site you’re interested in photographing.

Crawford Market officially renamed Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market after a 19th century social reformer is one of the most famous markets of Mumbai where you can get everything from fish to fruits and vegetables and even live birds, dogs, cats, and other pets.

Here’s a somewhat unconventional thing to do when visiting Mumbai. Head to Bandra in West Mumbai, considered the queen of suburbs and home to many famous politicians, cricket players, and Bollywood stars including one of the biggest ever, Shah Rukh Khan. Check out the locals who often hang outside his mansion waiting to catch a glimpse of the King of Bollywood! OK, let’s try talking to someone else.

You can also visit the homes of Amitabh Bachchan, considered one of India’s greatest cinema actors of all time. Most taxi and autorickshaw drivers of the area know where all of these mansions are located. They’re happy to take you there!

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