Mumbai, India-Travel Tips To Get The Most Out Of The “Maximum City” Part I

Thanks so much for listening and subscribing to the podcast. Mumbai is one of my favorite cities to visit in India. Not only is it loaded with atmosphere and amazing heritage buildings from the British raj, it’s also where you can find some of the best street food and restaurants in the country.
One of the most enjoyable experiences for me was sampling the incredible street food in Kala Ghoda and the row of stalls across the street from CST. Not only are the dishes absolutely delicious but the atmosphere in which they are consumed is wonderful with lawyers taking a break from the nearby law courts in traditional robes mixing with everyday working people from the area.

There are definitely things to be cautious of when walking around Mumbai, especially the traffic which can be overwhelming for some. As well you will soon see that locals do not wait for green lights to cross a street so if you want to follow in their footsteps, extreme caution is advised.

Beggars are also a concern. As a foreigner you will no doubt be approached by many. Unless you want a parade of them following you it’s best not to give them anything. They also approach locals but you will quickly notice that natives will not give them the time of day and simply move on as if they are not affected by the encounter. Showing no emotion will show them there is no hope so they will move on.

Pacing yourself in the tropical heat and humidity is also extremely important. As I mention in the podcast, taking breaks in cafes and museums throughout your day of exploring will help you stay comfortable.

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