Taipei, Taiwan-8+3 Awesome Things To See/Do

Taipei, Taiwan is a vibrant city that is rich in culture, history, street food, and religion. It’s safe, super-friendly, convenient and probably undervalued compared to the super Asian city destinations of Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul. Ironically many residents of those cities choose Taipei as a destination, enjoying some of those qualities that their city once had or simply lacks.

Why the title 8+3 Awesome Sights To See/Do? Well most in Asia would be clued in to the significance of the number 8 and 3. In Chinese,(Mandarin), the word eight sounds similar to the word for prosper or wealth. It’s also similar sounding in Cantonese. The number 8 is an auspicious number.
The number three sounds similar to the character for birth and is also considered a lucky number. There are three stages to a person’s life-birth, marriage, and death.

So my wish is for prosperity and good luck for all those that visit Taipei, Taiwan and for the people of the city that have treated me with such great kindness and hospitality for the past 4 years. Would love to get your feedback on the video and ideas for future content. Also what other countries do you like to visit in Asia?
Thanks again with many blessings to you!

Here is the list of the 8+3 sights with links for more details on transportation and extra background for your preparation.

8.Dihua Street:
6.National Palace Museum:
4.C.K.S. Memorial Hall:
3.Longshan Temple:
2.Shilin Night Market:
1.Taipei 101:

Din Tai Fung:
Kao Chi:
King Mango:

3.Beitou Hot Springs:北投溫泉-xinbeitou
2.Songshan Cultural And Creative Park:
1.Elephant Mountain(Xiangshan):象山-xiangshan

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