Cycling In Vientiane, Laos “The Squeaky Ride”

Cycling around Vientiane, Laos. It sounded like a great suggestion from the guidebook. The city and it’s significant sites are within walking or cycling distance from each other. No need for taxis or tuk tuks or motorized rickshaws. Not only that, bicycle rentals are cheap! 10,000 kip a day, or approximately $1.25 USD.

So I found the nearest hostel that rents bikes and I was on my way, at least I thought. The morning ride went pretty smoothly. Not a great quality bike but adequate. Ride a couple of blocks, stop at a temple. Ride a couple of more blocks, grab a coffee. A nice mellow way to soak in the sites and atmosphere of this relatively laid-back place in terms of it’s size and prominence.

Vientiane is located right along a bend in the Mekong River directly across bordering Thailand. The capital was established here in 1563 in fear of a Burmese invasion. Today it’s the economic center of Laos.

Vientiane’s current population is approximated 754,000. But cycling around town it almost feels much smaller and not as hectic as most Asian metropolis’ can be. My impressions anyway.

I decided I would mount my Gopro camera on the bike and take an afternoon tour to show you just what a great friendly bicycle city this is. On my afternoon ride I discovered a couple of things. 10,000 kip is cheap but not a bargain given the quality of ride. I am more amusing in a frustrating situation than I thought.

When you watch the video and see the camera get an almost earthquake shake, that’s me kicking the bike. I think the squeaking and grinding of the back wheel adds to the humorous frustration. Happy trails from Vientiane, Laos.

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