Taipei, Taiwan-Top 5 Districts For Your Hotel Search

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It’s always challenging when you visit any city for the first time to decide on where exactly you want to stay. This video highlights my 5 favorite districts to stay in Taipei. The characteristics of each district are highlighted to make it easier to decide which one suits you best.
Technically Taipei Main Station is not a district but falls in Zhongzheng but I think it’s better to use Taipei Main Station when you’re searching for hotels and other retail or services.
The districts fall in order of transportation convenience with number 1 Taipei Main Station being the best and Xinyi District the area furthest away. Taipei City is not that expansive so if you stay in Xinyi it will take you approximately 20 minutes to get to Taipei Main Station by MRT.
Zhongshan is convenient and has a some nice sites to visit including the Ningxia Night Market, Dihua Old Street, The Museum of Contemporary Art.
Daan is great for shoppers, foodies, bar hoppers, and some nice parks and neighborhoods to explore.
Ximending is the most energetic district with lots of choices for food, cafes, entertainment, street performers, and is completely safe even with the crowds that inhabit the place every night.
Xinyi is the most luxurious of all the districts with the best selection of 5 star hotels, international restaurants, Chinese/Taiwanese fine dining, and the best Japanese food. Bars, hot nightclubs and one of the best selections of luxury goods stores in East Asia.
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