Typhoon Timeline 48 Hours Before/After in Taiwan

I thought it might be interesting for those who subscribe to the podcast and are curious about life in a place that faces typhoons regularly and might be traveling to Taiwan in the future see what it’s like to go through the hours leading up to a typhoon. I get many followers asking me about safety and what to do before and during a typhoon in Taiwan. I’m also thinking that Taiwanese who follow the channel will find it humorous to watch a foreigner talk about a typhoon and how we perhaps perceive it as more of an event than just an actual weather occurrence.

I mentioned focustaiwan.tw as a good English language resource for foreigners in Taiwan. Taiwan television always has extensive coverage leading up to and during a typhoon but unfortunately it is only available in Mandarin. Of course you can also use apps like Windy or Storm to give you up to date weather information but I like Focus Taiwan for comprehensive coverage which includes transportation and other useful information.

Of course flights will most likely be delayed or cancelled during a typhoon so if you do have travel plans that fall close to a typhoon you’ll have to stay up to date with your airlines as flights will either be delayed, or in some cases moved up to depart earlier than scheduled.

The government can also call a “typhoon day” which means all services, offices, and schools will be closed. If a “typhoon day” is called it may also mean that many stores will be closed.

Having some extra food and drinks on hand can be helpful if you’re in a smaller town or city in Taiwan but I’ve found especially if you’re in Taipei there are usually enough stores, cafes, and restaurants open to find something to eat. Of course this will also depend on the severity of the typhoon so there are exceptions.

Having been through several typhoons now I am much more used to them as just part of the weather season but I still find following and tracking a typhoon extremely fascinating.

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