Taipei, Taiwan’s Food Paradise-Shilin Night Market

A customer receives their order of Hot Star chicken at Taipei's largest night market-Shilin

A customer receives their order of Hot Star chicken at Taipei’s largest night market-Shilin

No discussion on the food of Taiwan would be complete without a visit to Taipei’s Shilin Night Market. This is one of the largest night markets on the island with streets that wind around a section of the city filled with food stalls, restaurants, clothing and souvenir shops, and amusement games.

Huge slabs of breaded fried chicken, shui jian bao dumplings filled with your choice of cabbage, leaks, or pork. The quintessential night market snack, stinky tofu, soft or crunchy with an aroma close to an aged cheese. Deep fried shrimp, beach crabs, even Japanese snacks showing up like Takoyaki, a wheat batter fried with chopped up bits of octopus.

Shilin is jam-packed with people most nights. An eating and social atmosphere you must see if you are to understand the food culture of Taiwan.

Join me on a walk through Taipei’s and maybe even Taiwan’s most fabled night market.

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