Baoan Temple A Lunar New Year Celebration

Baoan Temple Chinese New Year

You can walk into the Baoan Temple in Taipei anytime and easily fall under it’s spell. It’s one of the most beautiful temples in all of Taiwan. The beauty doesn’t come from just the carved stone dragons, the Koji pottery, the woodcarvings depicting different historical scenes or the coloured drawings of the door Gods. It’s the pride that really makes the place come alive. The people that help preserve, promote and above all cherish this magical place. In Taiwan, the temple is always the pride of the community. It sings in this part of Taipei.

Beautiful Flower Displays At Baoan Temple

Beautiful Flower Displays At Baoan Temple

This pride really came through recently when I visited on the first day of the new Lunar Year or Chinese New Year. The temple was alive with a red covered awning to protect the tables and worshippers from the rain so predictable in Taipei for this time of season. Year of The Horse would start out on a bright note. It was a spectacular clear day with warm temperatures.

Under the awning or tent, tables full of food offerings with beautiful flowers displayed on the tables and throughout the temple. The flowers weren’t just wholesale bought in bulk and put out by volunteers. They were beautiful living artworks. Orchids everywhere. The pride shining through. What an absolute gift to see this and be apart of it. I haven’t even mentioned the choir, the drum and bell towers sounding. The happy faces. The warm greetings. Enough pleasure to last until the next lunar year.

Offerings  Under The Red Awning at Baoan Temple

Offerings Under The Red Awning at Baoan Temple

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