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The quiet streets of Thamel-Kathmandu after it's second largest earthquake May 12th, 2015

The quiet streets of Thamel-Kathmandu after it’s second largest earthquake May 12th, 2015

I was due to arrive at Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal May 12 at 2pm when the pilot announces over the plane’s intercom that there was a second earthquake in Nepal. We would not touchdown until the runway was checked for any damage.

After circling the Kathmandu Valley for 1.5 hours we finally landed to a quiet and frightened city. I was processed through immigration in record time. This video is my first look at Kathmandu after my last visit in November and December of last year.

I walked around the streets that surround Kathmandu’s Durbar Square 4 hours after the latest earthquake that measured 7.3. Binod a local mountain guide walked me around to show me the most recent damage to this neighborhood.

I asked Binod if the latest earthquake felt as strong and as scary as the first one on April 25th.

Some more supports holding up this building needed after the earthquake on May 12th.
And damage from the April 25th earthquake that measured 7.8.

I will have more on recovery from the earthquakes here in Nepal and visits to some of the most significant heritage sites in the country in the next two weeks on Far East Adventure Travel the Podcast.You can also Like Far East Adventure Travel Nepal on Facebook for daily images and stories.

Thanks so much for joining me, until next time from Kathmandu this is John Saboe. Safe travels and Namaste!

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