GoPro Video’s Great Adventure – River Tracing Taiwan

GoPro Goes River Tracing, Taiwan

Hi this is John Saboe the publisher of Far East Adventure Travel Magazine and I recently went on a day long river tracing adventure near Taipei, Taiwan.

River tracing or trekking is an outdoor adventure sport that involves hiking, climbing, and swimming in rivers. The sport is very popular in Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong.

On my latest river trace we also did a bit of cliff diving. But this story goes a little deeper than just adventure. It’s a look at the environment and sport through 3 different points of view, one that isn’t even human, but none the less powerful and compelling.

My friend Yilang instructs me on where I should target my jump into the river so as to avoid the whirlpool below.

It’s Yilang’s turn and he makes a nice jump into the current.

I’m up next. The guides warn me to hold onto my Gopro that’s strapped to my helmet before my jump. But somehow I lose my Gopro on impact and for the next couple of minutes, the adventure becomes my camera’s journey on the bottom of the river bed and the lens has changed hands, from my point of view to the river’s.

As the current tossed the Gopro around the river started communicating through the lens, it’s language was the energy from below the waterline.
The river, was the director, cinematographer, artist.

My friend and guide Bruce saved the camera from the river bed. Once again the view point changed from the river to man’s hand. A new energy and point of view.

Three distinct scenes of one of East Asia’s most exciting adventure sports-river tracing. For Far East Adventure this is John Saboe in Taiwan.

River tracing in Wulai, Taiwan

River tracing in Wulai, Taiwan

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